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  • Adjustment Types - Maintain all adjustment type and description for credit adjustment.
  • Reason Codes – Maintain Reason codes and descriptions for Charge Backs.
  • Fault Codes – Maintain Fault Codes for Charge Backs, Dept or Person’s Fault for Charge Back.
  • Accounts Receivable – Maintains Aging Summary, Cost of Terms and Open & Paid Status Of Invoices, Charge Backs, Credit Limit and Availability, Year Comparison History etc. A/R Aging Report and A/R Statements.
  • Deposits – Maintain Deposit for Manual Checks, Batch Control. Option to automatically update Deposit for EDI 820.

    A/R Cash Receipts
  • Apply Cash Receipts across Vendor Divisions and across Multiple Companies and Divisions with one step.
  • Key off Invoices, Charge Backs, Returns, On Account Payment and Credits.
    Open on Account Payments for complete check or balances.
  • Partial payment or credits on Invoices, Charge Backs, Credits or Returns.
  • Select multiple records to be keyed off.
  • Create Charge Backs to customer, with Reason and Fault information and create tracking direct from cash receipt.
  • Allows Delete Option even after records are post.
  • Automatic Upload of Vendor 820 Remittance Advice.
  • Apply 820 automatically to cash receipts write off.

    Charge Backs
  • Works as Stand Alone Option or with Cash Receipts option.
  • Assign to Sales persons for Tracking and Commissions.
  • Reason and Fault Information and Tracking of Correspondence.
  • Assigned to Royalties for tracking and Commissions.
  • Charge Back Management for tracking and maintaining Charge Backs.

  • Assign Credits or Debits to customers with reason codes, Dept, PO, Claim, Salesman Number, Salesman Commission%, Royalty Codes, Invoice Number, Charge Back and Reference number.

  • Accounts Payable and G/L
  • Integration with most A/P applications
    Integration with several accounting systems including Peachtree, MAS-90, Great Plains and others.
  • Forecasting Module – Forecast Annual Sales, Customer Sales, Royalty Sales, Seasonal Sales and much more. Track up to date variances of Forecasted vs Actual.


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