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  • Automatic Allocation – Ability to set rules for allocation and have the system automatically allocate against sales orders. Allows the flexibility to allocate only from inventory or include incoming shipments or at the purchase order level.
  • Rush Allocation – Functions as a force allocation.
  • Allocation by Order Priority –Ability to flag the importance of an order prior to allocation.
  • Allocation By Item – Ability to select a group of items or to allocate based on a kit item.
  • Manual Allocation – Allocate selected sales orders against Inventory with the ability to adjust the distribution of the on hand inventory to selected customers or stores.
  • Edit Pick Ticket – Ability to select a P/T and change any data on the pick ticket.
  • Mass/Global Edit Pick Ticket – Globally edit any data on a range of pick tickets.
  • Cancel Pick Ticket – Ability to cancel one pick ticket or a range of pick tickets.
  • Reverse Invoice back to a Pick Ticket – For Administrator only, allows putting back a pick ticket that was incorrectly invoiced back to the original pick ticket number.
  • Documents – Manifest, UCC128 Labels, Vic Bol, Pull Summaries, Pick Summaries are all provided at a push of a button.

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