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  • Customer EDI Setup – Maintain Trading Partners EDI Information (ID’s, Versions Etc) Ability to configure a Trading Partner for Auto Validation and Loading of EDI Documents as they are received from VAN. Also all manual set-up for sending documents to trading partners.
  • Warehouse EDI Communication - Automatically communicates with your warehouse for all EDI documents such as 940,943,944,945,832,180 etc.
  • Customer Document Setup – Maintain all Trading Partners EDI documents.
  • Customer Cross-Reference – Maintains a Cross Reference between Customer Item/SKU and your Item/Color when UPC’s are not present, with ability to drill down to a size or Kit level.
  • Terms X-ref – Maintains a Cross Reference between Trading Partners PO Terms and your defined Terms.
  • EDI Monitor – Views and Maintains all EDI Documents received and processed by Translator by Document Type, shows totals etc.
  • Conflict Resolution – Indicates possible choices for loading 850’s if a perfect match is not found.
  • Allows the ability to View Status of all documents (Inbound/Outbound).
  • Maintains Archive, Reprocess, Re-Validate / Reload.
  • Print Reports on All EDI Documents and Activity.
  • Supports all standard EDI Versions and Documens.
  • Maintain and tracks all EDI Acknowledgements (FA).
  • EDI Dashboard – Web base dashboard for summary of daily EDI activity.
    Shows totals
    of all Activity on any given day. (Documents Received, Processed, Failed).
  • Allows Drill down at the EDI Document level.
  • Current Supported Documents – 850,856,810,860,832,820,852,753,754,
    888,865, 864,812,869,870,,816,824,180,865,875, 940,943,944,945,310 and more.


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