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  • Agent Manager – Enter and modify agents and their commission.
  • Bank Manager – Enter and modify bank data.
  • Vendor Manager – Enter and modify all vendors.
  • Beneficiary Manager – Enter and Modify Beneficiaries
  • Broker Manager – Enter and modify all brokers.
  • Letter of Credit – Create Letter of Credit; track open values, ability to amend L/C with history trail. Print Letter of Credit applications.
  • Purchase Order – Enter and modify purchase orders, with all necessary data within each purchase order such as terms, customer, LC#, method of costing etc. No limits on how many items can be on a single purchase order. Create a purchase order from an existing customer order or copy purchase orders from previously entered data.
  • Purchase Order W.I.P – Create User Definable criterias for tracking approval process for each PO at the header or even down to the detail line level, such as “Production samples” needs to be sent by a certain due date. The Events Notification system will trigger email alerts based upon previously defined user criteria.
  • Purchase Order Instructions – Set up instruction templates based on your customer's detail purchase requirement once, then attach these reoccurring templates to purchase orders without all the manual notes each time; this is a huge time saver!
  • Purchase Order Accessories – Create all requirements on each item such as hanger type, care label, poly bags, wash instructions etc.
  • Quality Control and Scan Verification - Tracks various stages of QA and Scan assurance verification at the vendor site.
  • Shipment In Transit Tracking – Track and maintain each shipment at the container and PO level. Create Invoices and apply payment to each invoice, attach documents to each shipment in any format. Track every detail of each Shipment and or Container all the way to the warehouse yard and eventually into stock.
  • Bill Distribution – Enter all bills related to cost of goods, completely intergraded with A/P, never double enter a bill again for cost actualization.
  • Vendor Charge Back Management – Create and Apply charge backs to future payments.
  • Consumer Safety Management (CPSIA) - Create, Track and print all necessary data for customs clearance.
  • EDI outbound and inbound documents capabilities – 850,856,810,943,944,310 etc.



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