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For additional information about amt:

  • Main Item – Maintains all information related to your products, including multiple images, Colors, Sizes, UPC No, GTIN No, Customer UPC, Price Levels, etc.
  • Costing – Ability to enter the detail Standard cost of an item including FOB, Duty, Import Freight, Inland Freight, Agent’s commission etc. Actualized Costing is updated as Purchasing is performed and processed giving you a clear picture of the Standard to Actual comparison.
  • Main Item Copy - Ability to copy all data from one item to another.
  • Royalty Process – Maintain royalty commission and approval process prior to the start of production.
  • Create smart Item numbers – Ability to setup how item numbers are generated, ex. Based on group code and Royalty code item# can be generated, giving you an idea by looking at the item# which group and royalty it pertains to.
  • Purchase order accessories – Maintain and setup all the standard defaults related to the purchasing details, ex. Hanger, Labels, Care Instructions etc.
  • Size scale - Maintain a matrix of all size scale code with their corresponding size descriptions. No limits as to the number of sizes within a scale. NRF Color/Size and Pre-packs.
  • Predefined Custom Codes – Maintain all master codes, Groups, Category, Royalty, Quota, Seasons, HTS etc.
  • Audit Trail – Maintains a detailed record of all modifications to an item by user and date.
  • Web data – Maintain your items sold via the Internet with all necessary data for Internet sales. Update your Internet store with all items that has inventory availability.
  • Set Master – Maintain items down to the component level each having it’s own unique UPC# and GTIN#. HTS and cost.
  • Attach Tech packs – Ability to attach the tech pack for printing with the Purchase Order.
  • Catalogs – Maintain multiple Catalogs via 832 for a single item.
  • User Definable Field – Create your own fields and name them yourself.


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