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  • Manual - Enter and maintain all data on sales orders, allowing the ability to override master table data.
  • EDI Sales Orders – EDI orders are received and updated into the system automatically.
  • Sales Order Types - Maintains Bulk, Stand Alone, Replenishment and Normal Orders.
  • Sales Order Audit - Maintains full audit trail of all activities on Sales Orders, by user, date and action taken.
  • Automation Rule - Assign a rule to be followed for each order. Each rule could have different UCC127 labels, Invoicing Method, BOL Creation method, Manifesting Method and Routing Rule.
  • Order Matching Time Phasing - Feature rich rule based configuration setup of matching Orders to inventory and production availability. OMBI will indicate which orders will be a potential problem based on deliveries, giving you insight months ahead of time if deliveries will be met.
  • Retail Ticket Order management - Enter and Track Retail ticket orders. Multiple ticket forms capabilities. Intergraded with EDI to ensure retail price for tickets matches the 850 retail price as prevention for charge backs.
  • Global Change Order - Gives you the ability to globally change order details on the fly.



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