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  • Create UCC128 by packing all pick ticket in a single box. Used for small items that can be packed together.
  • Create UCC128 using the case quantity defined in the Item Master.
  • Create on the fly user defined pre-packs to create UCC128 labels.
  • Create sets details and UCC128 labels are automatically generated.
  • Create UCC128 label, using pack by solid size feature.
  • Manual Pack entering Quantities as you pack.
  • Pack in advance then let the system know what went into each box.
  • Pre-cartonization based on cubic dimensions of items and carton.

  • Integrated Scan Packing System
  • Packing via Scanning Station using Handheld or Fixed Scanners Validate each Picking Ticket scanned.
  • Audible and Visual Warnings for Over Pack/Under Pack and Incorrect Item,
    suspends Packing of picking ticket.
  • Ability to re-print labels as needed.
  • Delete and re-create labels as needed.
  • Ability to maintain multiple UCC128 formats for a single customer.
  • ASN Carton data created when Carton is sealed and label printed.
  • Create UCC128 Carton, Pallet and Container labels.
  • Vics Barcode Bill of Lading system.
  • Manifest documents.


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