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Isaac Morris Ltd

“My purchase of your ERP application has not only helped me streamline my entire operation, it also has helped me reduce my overhead!”

The Moret Group

“The support staff of Amt is the best!  Whenever I have a problem they immediately respond and find a solution in a very timely manner.” 


“Purchasing your ERP applications was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my company.  I would recommend your product to anyone.”

Rugged Equipment Ltd.

“We have been using the AMT Software provided by OBS for all of our operation needs for several years now. The Support they provided is excellent and their software have met every operational requirement we have.”

R and R Menswear Ltd.

“Working with OBS has been very good. Their Software system has reduce the time dramatically that it used to take us to enter and retrieve information.Their response time to our needs when requested is excellent.”

21st Stone & Jewelery, Inc.

“OBS/AMT Software is a complete software package for our business.They have been a very good asset to our Company . Their prompt response to our computer needs has been tremendous and their staff is very responsible and professional people.”

Intimo/Max Deco, Inc.

“Intimo has been using OBS's [AMT Software] for the past 7 years. we have found that both their hardware and software support have been second to none. The staff there is very professional and will work with you to do whatever has to be done to get our internal problems resolved. The EDI system is a pleasure to work with . Also may I add in my prior business experience the support was nowhere near what OBS does. In closing I would recommend OBS to anyone who needs the best Software system and support.”

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