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  • Freeze Physical Inventory – Set date physical Inventory is to be started.
  • Physical Inventory Ticket Entry – Enter and modify all count sheets.
  • Variance Report – Shows a comparison of frozen vs. physical counts.
  • Physical Inventory Post – After qualifying inventory as accurate base on variance report, the inventory is posted and the on hand position is updated.
  • Finished Goods Hold – Functions as an inventory hold system to reserve inventory for a specific customer.
  • Finished Goods Adjustment – Adjust inventory or transfer inventory from item to another.
  • Hidden Inventory Substitution – Manage items being substituted from one to the other, tracking the stages of workflow.
  • Automated Warehouse Locator module - Inbound location assignments based on capacity rules or manual assignments and outbound relief of stock via a pull summary as allocations are performed, including Transfer, Stock Adjustments and Inquiries.
  • 3PL Warehouse Billing Management- Maintain Container receiving charges, In/Out Charges, pick and pack charges, BOL and manifesting charges etc. Tracks all 3PL charges and prints monthly statements to verify charges are accurate.
  • Special Project Management - Track all Special project details and cost associated with each job, print projects and upload documents related to projects.


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