Analytics & Reporting

Automate your planning, budgeting and forecasting

AMT BI is an analytics tool that provides actionable insights and reporting to users in sales, production, finance and supply chain management. Through its simple dashboards, users can visualize, analyze data and understand what’s happening in real time.

Production Planning Dashboard

Forecast-based planning software for optimizing inventory and production.

Forecasting Dashboard

These forecasts give manufacturers the ability to understanding what is next and response proactively. 

Supply Chain Planning Dashboard

Reveals hidden opportunities for cost savings and more efficient capital utilization for working capital.

Sales Reporting Dashboard

Data driven sales reporting is seamlessly integrated with ERP and enables analysis of profitably over time horizons. 

Key Features:


Users can make quicker, easier and faster decisions using pre-built graphs and charts. This approach delivers more accurate results for each product, supplier and customer by optimizing inventory and controlling costs.

Data Science

You can use the tool to analyze what happened, why and how and easily adjust business plans, make forecasts and improve customer interactions. Adapt to market demands and run what if scenarios

Role Based Dashboards

We deliver a range of pre built visualizations that can help you identify trends and patterns in the business. Create accurate forecasts and avoid shortages.

Standardized Reporting

Real time operational reporting with an extensive library of over 1,000 pre defined reports. Gives you greater control of report scheduling, distribution and delivery. Also offers the flexibility to use SQL to create customized reports.

See how brands, manufacturers and importers use AMT

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