BPO Managed Services

Customer Advantage Business Process Outsourcing Program

We offer a complete Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) service, includes the back office resources and supporting technology which is ready to go.

Our approach allows us to offer a completely flexible delivery model, where core capabilities are slotted together to create tailored solutions that are unique to each client’s requirement.


AMT, is helping businesses to realize strategic cost savings and digitize processes.
  • Scale business faster to meet market conditions

  • Improve financial and supply chain efficiency and reduce costs

  • Minimize and lower transaction costs through offshore services

  • Flexible and scalable delivery models

  • Management and monitoring of the ERP environment

  • Sales orders
  • Procurement orders
  • Production orders
  • Inventory movements and allocations
  • Customer billing and Invoicing
  • Delivery processing

We're providing services and solutions that improve outcomes and save money, so businesses can focus on what matters most to them.

AMT offers a flexible service offering in the cloud, drawing upon our wealth of experience and extensive partner network. Our service was created for businesses of all sizes in response to the growing demand for outsourced services and need to reduce administrative burdens.

How can we help your organization progress?

BPO Brochure

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