Production Order Management

Production Order Management

AMT offers the flexibility your business needs to manage your production process exactly the way you want. You can choose to manufacture the product the way that best fits your capabilities from in-house to outsourced production.

Key Features:

Mixed Mode Production Models

Plan, schedule and track production to meet your sourcing and customers’ needs for Make to Order and Make to Stock.

Production Scheduling

Control and automatically schedule firm and released work orders in real time and batch modes

Production Tracking

Streamline and visually understand your entire work order process including booking, shipping, receiving and costing by order and customer. Know where your goods are in production and address any delays.

Vendor Portal

Maintain visibility of your orders and ensure completion time of production orders in process of production at the factories.

Bookings Management

Eliminates the manual gathering of all Po’s shipping from various factories to automatically consolidate bookings on steamship lines or air cargo.

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