Financial Management

Financial Management

Discover a solution perfectly tailored to the processing challenges of manufacturers and wholesalers.

AMT is built to offer fully integrated accounting to enable smooth tracking of costs and streamline reporting to meet the needs of your growing business

Key Features:

You can gain unparalleled visibility into every aspect of the financial process with our industry-leading, touchless automation tools.

Reduce supply chain chargebacks

Processes online data transfers with retailers and shippers and automatically reconciles invoices and optimizes discounts. It flags fees that don't belong and eliminates this labor-intensive process.

Automated invoice processing

It will automatically and accurately generate invoices in multiple currencies based on payment terms, purchase orders and tax codes and produce output in electronic and PDF forms. Seamlessly integrate with Sales Tax packages. -Shortening the invoice processing time.

Replace spreadsheets

It cuts the time it takes your staff to track cost of goods sold and landed costs – increasing productivity and reducing operating costs

Streamline reporting

Provides comprehensive analysis and insights into your financial data spanning profit made on every sale across all of your products and sales channels, – allowing you to report on time and with confidence.

Improve profit margin

Control payments and costing drilled down to royalties, discounts, requisitions, purchase orders, inventory and receipts, matched to transactions.

Optimize cashflows

We provide you with multiple methods of credit and A/R factoring. You can use it to make credit decisions based on the customer’s account history and more. It automates the Factor process through order submission, order approval or decline, invoice transmittals and offers out of the box integration with Factoring financial companies

Streamline commissions

Reduce errors and improve processing of sales commissions matched with orders, invoices and shipments.

Integrated ledger

The information on sales, invoices, purchase orders, and costs are easily synchronized with your chart of accounts.

Discover the benefits of AMT ERP and get started today

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