Financial Management

Financial Management

Achieve higher accuracy and efficiency by streamlining financial processes across the enterprise

AMT’s integrated accounting provides real-time insights into sales performance, profitability and costs across all your channels. accounts receivable and payables for you to manage your business

Key Features:

Accurate Accounting for Inventory

You can use it to track cost of goods sold and understand profit margins on goods sold over time.

Integrated Landed Costs

You can report on profit made on every sale across all of your products and sales channels.

Real-time Accounts Payable and Receivables

Control payments and costing drilled down to royalties, discounts, requisitions, purchase orders, inventory and receipts, matched to transactions. Streamline your receivable processing and generate invoices electronically and via document form (PDF). Automate your receivables in multiple currencies. Seamlessly integrate with Sales Tax packages.

Credit Checking and Factor Management

AMT provides multiple methods of credit and A/R factoring. You can use it to make credit decisions based on the customer’s account history and more. It automates the Factor process through order submission, order approval or decline, invoice transmittals and offers out of the box integration with Factoring financial companies

Sales Commissions

Reduce errors and improve processing of sales commissions matched with orders, invoices and shipments.

General Ledger

We offer flexible support for financial reporting of multiple companies. The information on sales, invoices, purchases, and costs can be easily combined and integrated with your GL Chart of Accounts.

Chargeback & Deduction Management

Easily reconcile and identify all chargeback and deduction transactions.

Invoice Management

You can use it to generate electronic and paper invoices and send by pdf to customers

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